Final Projects and Graduation


Final Projects

At the end of the study period, students can work on the final project after completing a minimum of 121 credits. Based on the Regulation of the Chancellor of the University of Padjadjaran Number 23 of 2016 concerning Final Assignment at the Applied Undergraduate and Undergraduate Education Levels at the University of Padjadjaran, the final project of the undergraduate students of the Economics Study Program is summarized as follows:

a. The final project at the undergraduate level can be in the form of:

  1. Thesis
  2. Articles in National Journals
  3. Articles in International Journals
  4. Articles on International Seminar Proceedings

b. The Final Project begins with the preparation of a Research Proposal

c. Student, as the first writer collaborates with the supervisor in the article, should include Universitas Padjadjaran as the originated institution.

The thesis is based on the research using applicable scientific methods and rules and must have practical benefits balanced with scientific contributions. After passing the comprehensive exam, students must fill out the research plan form, available on the website. After getting approval from the Program Coordinator and Undergraduate Thesis Supervisor, students can return the research plan form to the Program Coordinator and start writing the thesis.

Students can also complete the final project in the form of a Published Article following the administrative process of writing a thesis. Students must publish their article together with the Advisory Lecturer and include the name of the institution of origin, namely Universitas Padjadjaran, where the student is the first author and the Advisor is the second author. The article is accepted and published in an Accredited Scientific Journal of Sinta 1 or Sinta 2 (national level) or Q3 (international level). Students can submit an application for Substitution of Thesis with Published Article. At the end of their study period, students with published articles are required to disseminate their articles in an Open Seminar Session; or submit a video presentation of the article for 3 – 5 minutes.


Undergraduate Viva

After completing the entire series of learning and writing a final project, the viva is held twice a month for students to get a Bachelor degree. Students should fill out the registration form:

And complete the following requirements

Final Project

Final Project Infographic

The students’ final project should be modified into an Infographic format.

Infographic for the undergraduate thesis is made on 1 (one) page of the A4 article, which contains a summary of the thesis as follows:

  1. Thesis Title
  2. Student’s Name & NPM
  3. Supervisor & Examiners
  4. Research Background
  5. Research Objectives
  6. Research Model and Method of Analysis
  7. Conclusions
  8. Date of Viva

The infographic for the published article is made on 1 (one) page of the A4 article, which contains a summary as follows:

  1. Article Title
  2. Student’s Name & NPM
  3. Supervisor
  4. Research Background
  5. Research Objectives
  6. Research Model and Method of Analysis
  7. Conclusions
  8. Journal Name, Volume, Number and Year Published

Students who have completed their final project should submit infographics and/or video presentations of the published article:



Students are declared to have completed and graduated from Undergraduate Economics Program taken if they meet the following conditions:

  1. Pass all courses within the specified cumulative study load;
  2. Have a GPA of at least 2.75;
  3. There is no letter of quality E;
  4. Have maximum 2 (two) courses with D score;
  5. Have completed the Thesis report and pass the final Thesis defense by obtaining score of at least C, or
  6. Have 1 (one) accepted scientific article in reputable international journals or accredited national journals, and present the paper at the open session,
  7. Provide an Institutional TOEFL score of at least 500 obtained from a credible institution and recognized by the faculty.


Academic Leave

Students can temporarily stop their studies with the Dean’s Permission, where the maximum number of study terminations is two semesters, either consecutively or separately. The period of temporary study termination is not calculated in the maximum time limit for the student’s study period and during that period the student is freed from the obligation to pay UKT and is not entitled to academic services.

Temporary termination of study may not be carried out in Semester I, and/or Semester II. Students are also not allowed to stop studying in one and/or two semesters before the allowed study deadline, namely in semester XIII and/or semester XIV.

Students who temporarily stop their studies without permission in the semesters above are considered to have resigned.

Time Limit
on Study

Time Limit on Study

Time Limit on Study is the maximum time allowed for students to complete their studies. The Undergraduate Program must be completed no later than 14 semesters from the time you are registered as a student in Semester I.

Final Projects and Graduation